My experience with Wren can best be described as life changing.  She knew precisely when she needed to coach, always making me feel very safe while somehow gently coaxing me to act. It’s been a little over a year since our sessions and my life is fuller and more fulfilled. I still hear her voice in my ear when I need it. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Wren.     – C.S.

I found Wren to be the only therapist I have ever been to who was so incredibly helpful. She and I connected quickly and she gave me the gift of some understanding and peace… priceless!     – B.G.

Wren is a remarkably attentive listener and she really “gets” me. I found that whatever issue I was talking about she helped to simplify it and to illuminate potential solutions. I can’t recommend her highly enough!     – K.B.

Working with Wren has been very empowering. Her manner is calm and her words have substance. With her guidance, I am able to find answers to some deep questions that I’ve been asking myself, and I feel incredibly heard and supported.     – K.P.

I don’t know how she does it, but Wren seemed to see right into my soul in the first session and continues to be right there with me all along the way. She somehow cuts through the story and gets right to the essence in a way that is accepting and fully supportive. I have really grown and changed in the time we’ve worked together, and I’m so grateful!    – M.Z.

Wren’s care and interest, hand in hand with her grounded wisdom, enabled us both to go deeply into my memory and heal a childhood experience that has been holding me back for my whole life. I felt nurtured and understood far beyond my expectations, and have found a freedom of self-expression that I had all but given up on. I recommend her without reservation!     – J.B.