What happens in sessions?

We all have habits of thought and action that keep us from being as happy, healthy, and fulfilled as we could be. To change those habits we must tap into an inner well of possibility and shift from a fear-driven orientation (generally based on the past) to a love-driven orientation based on a natural interest in, and pull toward, a better future. Love already exists within you whether it feels like it does or not. It is a force in the universe, awaiting your attention to become manifest and materialized in ways both imagined and unimagined. Through deep listening, honest feedback, creative visualization, meditation, and constructive suggestions, I encourage you open your inner senses to experience this truth for yourself. From there you can step into the life that you have always deeply known is possible and create the kind of world you truly want to live in.

Life coaching and psychotherapy sessions

Strategies for healing and for being and manifesting your best

Many people want to know what the difference is between life coaching and psychotherapy. Life coaching is for people who are functioning at a reasonable level and are responding to an inner call to evolve—to become more of what they intuit they could be. Therapy is more about the deep inner work to resolve psychological problems. I find, however, there is a fuzzy line between the two. Anyone seeking coaching is bound to hit areas of dysfunction in their lives and anyone seeking therapy will also benefit from a solution-oriented exploration of greater possibility. I have extensive experience working in both modes and have developed an approach that seamlessly integrates the two. Sessions are offered for individuals, couples, and families.

Meditation and the art of being present

Radical sanity; mind management; stress release; spiritual core development

There is much confusion in the psychospiritual world about what meditation really is and how it actually works. After years of practicing meditation myself, I have developed a way to teach this amazing art of awareness that is accessible and understandable. I can make clear what it can do for you and why it is so important as a nonmedical tool for recovery from psychological distress as well as a foundation from which to leap into life transformation.

Addictions Counseling

Breaking the self-defeating mind-mood-body cycle

Addictions are everywhere! I define them as the irresistible urge to act in self-destructive ways—through overeating, drinking/drugging, sexing, gaming, really anything at all done to excess. Though I have worked for years in substance abuse treatment facilities, I do not see clients in my private practice with serious life-destroying drug and alcohol problems, as I feel that more support is needed for such issues than can be given by a solo practitioner. I do, however, address the more run-of-the-mill addictive and habitual tendencies that inhibit many of us from being as healthy, productive, and fulfilled as we could be.

Hypnosis and Creative Visualization

Harnessing the imagination for greater possibility

For some issues, such as quitting smoking and curing phobias, hypnosis can offer an incredible two-to-four-session shortcut to lasting change. For other challenges, such as building self-confidence, reducing anxiety, and creating a positive future, it can serve as a wonderful adjunct to regular counseling sessions.

Women’s Groups

Taking the next steps for the liberation of ourselves and our world

Though it is no longer fashionable to call oneself a feminist, I am interested in helping all of us women navigate the next steps to true freedom and find ways to continue to evolve our cultural norms. What holds us back and how can we more fully express and foster our own and others’ potential? One crucial way to continue to evolve is to come together in groups to share our experiences, support the best in one another, and to liberate ourselves “from the inside out.”

Spirituality Groups

Exploring the deepest and most transcendent part of ourselves and our collective culture

Many people call themselves “spiritual but not religious.” But what does that mean in our post-religious world? What, if anything, do we carry forward from our traditions and in what ways are we forging new paths for spiritual expression? This is an opportunity to explore what most deeply moves us and also to look at the interface between spiritual faith/confidence and mental health/well-being.

Conscious Aging Groups

Making midlife and beyond the most meaningful time of all

We live in a youth-obsessed culture, but many adults past midlife are finding that the “third act” can be a time of great spiritual and psychological growth. This group provides the forum to turn challenges into opportunities and to find the support and camaraderie to navigate this rich phase of life.

Keynotes/public speaking

Talks on stress reduction, meditation, habit management, and positive motivation

Does your organization or group need an inspirational speaker? I offer workshops and talks on strategies for personal and organizational change.


Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

~ Nido Qubein